Engine & Pump Testing Solutions

Syncool 91 EC

Features Syncool 91 EC is a water soluble product used for testing of radiators in engine. Totally Nitrite Free. It has an excellent anticorrosive property over a wide dilution range. Passes Cummins testing requirements. With 1 pass treatment COD/BOD values arrive less than 150. Benefits Excellent alternative to glycol based coolants currently used for testing, as by using […]

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Features Syncorr is water based engine/pump testing cum rust preventive solution which can provide corrosion inhibition from 7 to 60 days [depending upon the dilution]. It has an alkaline pH. It is based on vegetable oil derivatives having an excellent biodegradability. It has water-like appearance.   Applications The machined components are to be dipped in 5-20% solution of ‘syncorr’ […]

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